Give to JM

Judean Missions is a legal 501(c)3 religious non-profit organization.  All gifts and support help fund the expansion of JM across the United States.  All gifts are tax deductible and are to be used to help further the cause of the Great Commission.  We would like to invite individuals to partner with JM and make a monthly donation.  Any amount will be so appreciated and each gift of $15 will allow JM to put 10 Bibles in the hands of people living within the United States along with a clear Gospel presentation.  Also, we would like to invite all like-minded churches to become a JM mission partner and give between $50-150 monthly to help support this effort to bring revival to the United States.

To send donations by mail, please contact Judean Missions for our mailing address.
Note: Make checks out to Judean Missions