Become a JM Church or Participant

When a congregation becomes a Judean Missions church the concept that we want them to grasp is that by partnering with JM we can help that church fulfill acts 1:8 and the great commission.  Once your people go on a JM trip they will be better prepared to impact your local community and don’t forget that, when you are partnering with JM, other churches from other cities will be coming to your area to assist and impact your Jerusalem.   In addition to that, if your church is not partnering with other foreign missions or you would like to expand on that, JM would like to help facilitate partnerships with foreign mission outreach opportunities such as operation baby rescue in Guatemala, or Haven of Rest in Nicaragua, or My Life Speaks in Haiti.

Being a JM church means that your focus is not only on your own community but your church is being mindful of the world around you.  A Judean Missions partnered church is one that provides not only resource, but provides footwork to the sharing of the gospel throughout the country.  To become a JM church means that you are committing to partner with other like-minded churches and bodies of believers that are joining in unity with the body of Christ in the United States to say that we care about the lost everywhere and not just our local areas.  Becoming a JM church means that you are wanting to be connected to a life line of what God is doing in the lives of people all around the world and not just those that can enter your local congregational doors but the gates of pearl.  To schedule an appointment with a JM representative that will help design your churches regional area and assist on partnering with other like-minded churches please fill out the contact information and someone will contact you within the next 24 hours.

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