Trip Info

The Judean Missions trip takes place on a Friday and Saturday and is designed to keep the time commitment and financial cost affordable for everyone.  This trip provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals to be with God set apart for two days of sharing and fellowship in the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The results of this evangelical outreach effort is truly an exhilarating experience where God is glorified and lives are positively impacted and changed for eternity.

The cost for each participant is just $25 and a sleeping bag to donate.  However, each participant is also responsible to recruit five sponsors that will donate $25 each and then be willing to participate further in the JM trip by offering prayer on behalf of their sponsored individual for the two days they are gone.  The money from each sponsor will go directly to support the cost of the JM mission trip (i.e. transportation, bibles, witnessing materials, food, water, etc…) and all monies left over are turned back over to the sponsoring church for future missions.  The total cost for each individual is $150 per person plus the sleeping bag.

The JM trip schedule has the missions group leaving their host church early enough to arrive at their partnering church, which should be 2 to 6 hours away, on Friday morning between 8-8:30 AM.   All day Friday members are partnered with one other person and they are encouraged to approach every single person they come into contact with to present the Gospel.  Bottled water and snacks are provided all throughout the day along with Bibles and Gospel Tracts.  At the end of each day JM will provide dinner and then the group will go to the partnering church for their overnight stay.  Saturday morning starts with devotions and free reign worship.  This worship is set aside and intended to provide each participant the opportunity to worship God in deep personal devotion, song, and prayer and tends to be one of the highlights of the mission trip for many.  After worship the JM group will go to a local mission or feeding center to volunteer, donate the sleeping bags, and share the gospel as possible.  Saturday afternoon the entire group will take over an intersection with praise and worship, prayer, handing out Bibles, and evangelizing.  After JM provides dinner, the group typically arrives back at their home church between 9:00 and 11:00 PM.