JM International

JM will be helping to assist churches outside of the United States to build a network of God fearing churches together in other countries.

If you are participating in a foreign mission trip and would like more information on international JM trips, please let us know!

Nicaragua 2013

Judean Missions (JM) participated in its first International trip July 15-16, 2013! JM partnered with Monte Horeb Church in León, Nicaragua. This was Monte Horeb’s first mission trip as a church. They traveled to Selva Grande a small community outside of the capitol city of Managua. Nearly 30% of the congregation attended the trip lead by Director of JM International Jonathan Robinson and Brian Gentry. God was at work in the hearts of the people of Monte Horeb Church as Jonathan said, “ we were just along for the ride.” Pastor Cesar Arnaldo Cortez Castillo helped to lead his congregation in preparation for the trip by fasting and participating in constant prayer for one week. There were 40 decisions made to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and numerous seeds were planted. These are people with little funds so it was unthinkable for them to travel 62 miles and stay over night. Due to their obedience to spread the Gospel, God blessed this trip tenfold. After asking Brian Gentry to sum up this trip he said, “Awesome is the word I would use. I think about the preparation of the people. Praying daily and fasting for a week before. I think about the heart of the people, going out for one specific purpose, to share Christ. God blesses this intentional sharing of the gospel seeing lives changed, and seeing people that we [perviously] led to Christ using their gifts to win others to The Lord.”

In regards to preparation for this trip, Judean Missions provided the following support;

In December of 2012, Bryan Gentry and Thomas Pinner presented a seminar by introducing the ministry’s model of an evangelism mission trip.

Leading up to the planned Judean Trip in July 2013, Judean Missions prepared a Spanish version of it’s evangelism training videos in order to further prepare the Monte Horeb Church mission team.

On July 13, 2013, Jonathan Robinson and Bryan Gentry did further training involving the prepared evangelism videos and further education to equip them for their trip.

*Since Judean Missions introduced the its mission model to Monte Horeb Church in December of 2012, they have been on three more Judean Mission trips.

**The Monte Horeb website can be accessed here, Iglesia de Cristo Monte Horeb Leon.

UPDATE: NICARAGUA JULY 2014- Jonathan Robinson and Bryan Gentry lead an evangelism conference at Hosanna Church in the community of Azarihas in Leon, Nicaragua. The congregation was challenged to evangelize and consider using the JM model.