Ryan Rebold


Impactful Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:5

Me and JM: Being able to see believers from the ages of 14-83 share Christ boldly by engaging the world on its own battle ground is witnessing the Great Commission being fulfilled.  Evangelism has been masked for the past generation as church invitation. However, one cannot evangelize if one does not share the Good News. Jesus said in Matthew 5:15, “People do not light a lamp and put it under a bowl”, but that is exactly what the Body of Christ has done with the Salvation of Jesus Christ with their church buildings. Those willing to step out in faith and obedience to the promises of God will witness two things on every JM trip. God will show up, and He will show off.

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Hans V. Haun

Vice President

Impactful Scripture: Romans 6:14

Me and JM: I got involved with Judean Missions because I love the vision of networking churches together in a national evangelical outreach effort to reach the lost for making disciples of Christ.  I have a call through the Great Commission of Christ, along with the Church as a whole, to make disciples and teach others about who they are in Christ and all of the good news that we have now that we are in Him.

Matthew Smelcer

Director of Creative Services and Information Technology

Impactful Scripture: James 4:6-8

Me and JM: In 2011, Ryan asked me to go on a Judean Missions trip. I made excuses not to go on the trip, but the words of the Great Commission resonated in my heart. I told Ryan that would go on the next trip. It changed my life and I wanted to do anything I could to help JM’s vision grow. Since then, I have gone on three JM trips and I currently serve as the Director of Creative Service and Information Technology for Judean Missions.

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Stephanie Byerly

Account Administrator

Me and JM: I was very interested in what Judean Missions was doing in my church and decided to get involved in late 2012. As the Account Administrator, I handle the finances for JM. I do the day-to-day banking, monitor merchandise inventory and assist participating churches with tracking participant sponsorships.

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Jonathan Robinson

Director of International Operations

Impactful Scripture: Romans 5:1

Me and JM: I went on my first JM trip in 2012 to Louisville, KY. I have been on a couple of mission trips in my day, being the son of full-time missionaries in Nicaragua, but I had no idea the change JM would make in my life. Ryan Rebold had be encouraging  me to go on a JM trop but I kept making excuses to stay on my couch and in my comfort zone. Finally my father approached me and advised I would be going with him on the next JM trip. I knew this was the Holy Sprit speaking through my father to just go already. I have able to see many people’s lives change because of JM including my own.

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