Ryan Rebold


Impactful Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:5

Me and JM: Being able to see believers from the ages of 14-83 share Christ boldly by engaging the world on its own battle ground is witnessing the Great Commission being fulfilled.  Evangelism has been masked for the past generation as church invitation. However, one cannot evangelize if one does not share the Good News. Jesus said in Matthew 5:15, “People do not light a lamp and put it under a bowl”, but that is exactly what the Body of Christ has done with the Salvation of Jesus Christ with their church buildings. Those willing to step out in faith and obedience to the promises of God will witness two things on every JM trip. God will show up, and He will show off.

Full bio: Ryan Rebold was born in 1978 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The son of Dr. William “Randy” and Gale Rebold, he was dedicated to the Lord at the Thomas Road Baptist Church by Dr. Jerry Falwell.

In 1981, Ryan moved with his parents and two sisters, Robyn and Renee, to El Cajon, California, where his father was employed as the Executive Assistant to Dr. David Jeremiah at Shadow Mountain Community Church, as well as Turning Point Television and Radio ministry. It was while listening to the broadcast that Ryan, at the age of 5 and with the help of his mother, received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  In 1986, The Rebold family began a 10-year ministry at Skyline Church in San Diego, with Dr. John Maxwell as the Senior Pastor. It is here Ryan would be baptized.

Having been influenced by being a part of these large churches with national ministries, Ryan developed a strong understanding of trusting God by Faith at a young age.

In 1998, Ryan held the position of Team Leader on the national touring ministry Primary Focus and Living Proof. Through the Primary Focus public school assembly programs, Ryan personally lead his teams to perform for over 750,000 students from coast to coast over a three year period, presenting biblical values and positive life changing principles. On the weekends, these same teams used the name Living Proof and Ryan was the emcee for an additional 150 Gospel Concerts in Bible believing churches.

In 2001, Ryan married San Diego resident and Primary Focus team member Shannan Tosh.

In 2004, Ryan became the Executive Vice President of Primary Focus. In that same year, the ministry moved to Knoxville, Tennessee after being given the spectacular Governor’s Palace Theater by the Hobby Lobby Corporation. Ryan was responsible for overseeing the ministry’s 10 teams and their itinerary in addition to being the host of the extremely popular “Come Celebrate Christmas” which was attended annually by tens of thousands of local and vacationing guests in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Ryan is a graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor’s Degree Science and Religion as well as his Masters in Theology. He has authored the book Nothing But Faith In My Pocket, his personal testimony and Triumphant story of putting his faith and his total Trust in God while watching Him provide.

To date, Ryan and Shannan have two boys, Jackson and Parker, and one girl, Sutton. Their family currently resides in Findlay, Ohio.