Jonathan Robinson

Director of International Operations

Impactful Scripture: Romans 5:1

Me and JM: I went on my first JM trip in 2012 to Louisville, KY. I have been on a couple of mission trips in my day, being the son of full-time missionaries in Nicaragua, but I had no idea the change JM would make in my life. Ryan Rebold had be encouraging  me to go on a JM trop but I kept making excuses to stay on my couch and in my comfort zone. Finally my father approached me and advised I would be going with him on the next JM trip. I knew this was the Holy Sprit speaking through my father to just go already. I have able to see many people’s lives change because of JM including my own.

Full bio: Jonathan Robinson was born in 1984 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Son of David and Marsha Robinson. He was reborn in Sept 2002 at  Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church and was baptized that same month. On June 2 2007 he married his High School sweetheart Megan Best Robinson. They have two sons Tanner and Asher. Jonathan received his bachelors of Music in Church Music from Carson-Newman University. He serves as a Deacon, Bible Fellowship teacher, Student leader, and as a member of the church Choir at Chilhowee Hills. In his spare time Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, sports, the outdoors, and sharing the gospel.